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Peter Dinius 


In the center of my abdomen, flowers have sprouted, their thorns piercing as it wraps me in their tight embrace. From the soil, worms have entered my back, wriggling their way through me to find an exit to the evergreen ever so apparent that its roots harness me to the floor. Sprinkle me with a watering can to wet the mulch and survive the Algae on my teeth and the moss in my armpits. Honey weighs down my lungs while I breathe bees from the hollow sacs in my chest. Beetles have burrowed into the bottom of my feet and a spider has made its nest in the gap between my legs. My tattoos have been peeled and plastered as posters for the homes of squirrels, and out of my ears leaks maple syrup while ants have made an entrance out of my nostrils, building a colony in my skull. The fish that have taken up residency in mouth, recently, do not bother me, except for the bottom feeder beneath my tongue. Oysters and fungi spring from my kneecaps, forcing the spore to spread and consume my legs. 

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Art by Peter Dinius 

Peter Dinius is an aspiring multifaceted artist with  focuses of poetry, acting, and painting. Currently, he is working on art collective. In the past year he's been in a few short films, and working on putting together a book of poetry that. He's spent his whole life pretty much dedicated to art, went to nationals in 2017 as a part of AACT with which his show, The Voice of the Prairie, won several awards including best lead male actor. Through his art he's hoping to reach others and help them to grow artistically and emotionally, and live their best lives.

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